Quality Training Scheme

Our Trainee Teachers

Teaching matters to us. We want to welcome you into a profession that can and does change the world. This route enables you to be paid as you train. It provides you with the highest quality CPD and wrap around support framework. We know what you need and we will provide it to you at no financial cost.


Each of our Trainee Teachers will receive a bespoke training programme including; monthly school visits, weekly phone calls, specific training sessions, generic seminars as well as mentoring, coaching and support from our team of ex-senior school leaders.

  • Our Trainee Teachers

  • Our teaching training scheme is entirely FREE of charge!

  • You will be paid for every day that you train with us

  • No more loans or debts

  • You will receive unlimited support from your mentor and your Qualiteach consultant

  • You will receive frequent training, guidance and support to ensure success

  • Within 1 to 2 years, you will be a fully QUALIFIED teacher!

The Process

Our teacher training scheme runs over a 2 year period unless you already have gained significant teaching experience. If you already have gained significant teaching experience as a cover supervisor or HLTA, you will immediately start our second year!


You will be interviewed by our Academic Director during which they will share their insight into our scheme. You will then gain an understanding of our values and how we will support you on your journey to become a successful teacher.

Once you have been approved by our Academic Director, our team of highly trained consultants will find a suitable and compatible school in which you will undertake your training.

Once your placement is secured, our Academic Director will be in communication with your school to discuss a tailored training programme bespoke to your individual needs.

During the first year of your training, you will be invited to attend a one day induction session with the Academic Director before you join your school. The day will be focussed around school organisation and management, safeguarding and managing behaviour.

Throughout the year, you will also be invited to 3 different seminars which will give
you an insight to:

  • Planning & Assessment

  • Attachment Theory

  • Differentiation

  • Working with multi-agency teams

  • SEN

  • The pastoral role/form tutoring

  • Behaviour Management

  • Writing Reports

  • Child Development

  • Dealing with parents


During the second year of our teacher training scheme, we will host 3 additional seminars to recap on all of the topics covered in the first year. We will work closely with you to support the completion of your portfolio which evidences that you have met the Teacher Standards and is a key requirement of the accrediting university.

Our dedicated consultants will provide you with guidance and advice for negotiating your permanent contract when the time comes as well as giving you training around interview techniques.

Once our Academic Director has approved your portfolio and has observed you teach, you will be recommended to the accrediting university for acceptance into the assessment only route for QTS.

The assessment only route takes three months during which time we will continue to provide the required support to get you through the last phase of your journey to gain QTS successfully.

You are then a qualified teacher.

“We want to work with you to ensure we grow the next generation of outstanding professionals together.”

Our partner schools

We know that schools need the best teachers; the most committed, energetic, passionate and dynamic professionals that love young people and know that they want to be in teaching as a career.


We also know that however wonderful and rewarding teaching is, it is also demanding, stressful and exhausting.


We also know that our schools commit huge reserves of energy and resources into training and supporting their young staff. The resilience and emotional strength that our young teachers need is mirrored in the level of support that our schools need in providing the capacity to nurture, coach and train the teachers of the future.


How does this work for our partnered schools?


We will find the type of young trainee that you need, a trainee that has a passion to teach, a passion to be the best role model they can be and that has a commitment to the profession and to the school.


We will provide the wrap around care, support and training that is essential in the journey to QTS. We will work with you to identify bespoke training and support needs. We will visit our graduates regularly to observe their practice and discuss progress.


Once we are in agreement that our trainee teacher is ready, one of our partnering universities will be commissioned to interview our trainee teacher and take them onto their assessment only route. The QTS accreditation will be based on the successful demonstration of best practice through classroom observation and evidence of skills portfolio.


Teacher recruitment is a challenge, there are graduates who are desperate to teach. We offer a model that enables those that have the passion to teach, to do it!